server whitelist

Vernon Schryver
Fri Feb 14 15:59:48 UTC 2003

> From: Valentin Chopov <>

> ...
> whiteclnt.dccw will be updated immediately and my client (dccm) will know
> about the changes right away - the entry will not be whitelisted.
> According to the dccd man page dccd will know about the changes after
> dbclean is run (which happens once daily) and the entry will be still
> whitelisted.
> Here is my question - After changing whitecommon, will the entry  be
> whitelisted or not?

Subject to unusual `dccm -g`, `dccproc -g`,  or `dccifd -g` settings,
the entry will remain whitelisted for all clients using that server
until dbclean is run.

Dbclean can be run at any time.

I find it useful to try `dccproc -Q -i file` or `dccproc -QC` to see
what's happening.

Vernon Schryver

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