server whitelist

Valentin Chopov
Fri Feb 14 15:18:58 UTC 2003

I have a question about the server whitelist.
I know that it's better to use client whitelists (whiteclnt).
What will happen if I have an entry in whitecommon (which is included into
whitelist and whiteclnt) and I decide to remove it.
whiteclnt.dccw will be updated immediately and my client (dccm) will know
about the changes right away - the entry will not be whitelisted.
According to the dccd man page dccd will know about the changes after
dbclean is run (which happens once daily) and the entry will be still
Here is my question - After changing whitecommon, will the entry  be
whitelisted or not?

Valentin S. Chopov, CCNP
Sys/Net Admin
SEI Data Inc.

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