Another core dump from dccd

Gary Mills mills@cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Feb 13 14:32:59 UTC 2003

Now, another `dccd' dumped core and died.  The traceback is similar...

$ adb libexec/dccd core
core file = core -- program ``dccd'' on platform SUNW,Ultra-250
SIGSEGV: Segmentation Fault
memcpy(?) + 1c
dcc_ck_fuzziness() + 13e9c
summarize_rcd(0x0,0x4,0xeffff44c,0x2,0x9,0xe85ad540) + 59c
summarize_dly(0x0,0xeffff696,0x2,0x2,0x8,0xe85ad528) + 1c4
flods_ck(0x0,0x409,0xbb8,0x3ca,0x7f4d0,0x551d0) + 658
ck_changes(0x0,0x107,0x18bb,0xef626650,0xffffffff,0x6cb90) + 3c0
recv_job(0xd,0x1885,0x0,0x551d0,0x0,0x0) + 8d4
main(0x14,0xeffffb54,0xffffffff,0x4d400,0xe,0x0) + 16b8
g0    0x0                               l0      0x41
g1    0x2a000       repeat_resp+0x1d0   l1      0x0
g2    0x0                               l2      0x0
g3    0x0                               l3      0x4
g4    0x0                               l4      0x0
g5    0x0                               l5      0xc7ad504
g6    0x0                               l6      0x6c568     db_sts
g7    0x0                               l7      0x2f6f820
o0    0xeffff454                        i0      0x0
o1    0xe85ad548                        i1      0x4
o2    0x10                              i2      0xeffff44c
o3    0xea0ef82c                        i3      0x2
o4    0x1                               i4      0x9
o5    0xeffff454                        i5      0xe85ad540
sp    0xeffff388                        fp      0xeffff588
o7    0x26a7c       summarize_rcd+0x59c         i7    0x26eec summarize_dly+0x1c4
y     0x0
tstate: 82001a07  (ccr=0x0, asi=0x82, pstate=0x1a, cwp=0x7)
pstate: ag:0 ie:1 priv:0 am:1 pef:1 mm:0 tle:0 cle:0 mg:0 ig:0
pc    0xef640580 memcpy+0x1c:   ldub    [%o1], %o4
npc   0xef640584 memcpy+0x20:   add     %o1, 0x1, %o1

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