mlfi_chgheader for Subject

Sat Feb 8 18:37:09 UTC 2003


I am attempting to do a minor (?) modification to dccm so
that I can prepend about 10 characters to the Subject
header.  As a milter the appropriate approach (I thought)
would be simply to save off the header in dccm_header
(works fine) and then construct the new header and call
mlfi_chgheader in the appropriate place and under the
appropriate circumstances in dccm_eom.  I add the
3 or 4 lines of code to do this and I consistently get an
error back from libmilter indicating that the operation
(for some reason) was illegal.  I have logged all the
parameters to the chgheader call and they look fine....
The only thing I can think of is that the context is illegal
at that particular point in time but I simply don't know.
I've put the code just after dccm alters it's own header
(which works) and I still get the failure.  I have worked
with milters for over a year, have modified others successfully,
and have written my own with no problems.  Obviously I
am doing something wrong or changing standard headers
is not allowed within dccm.

I am running dccm 1.23 on a debian box (took a bit of
mods to the scripts to get it to compile), sendmail 8.12.3
and libmilter 8.12.3-4.

If anyone can tell me why such a seemingly simple change
would not work I'd be most grateful......this has me stumped.

Thanks in advance.

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