Core dump from dccd

Gary Mills mills@cc.UManitoba.CA
Fri Feb 7 17:25:01 UTC 2003

I'm running dcc-dccd-1.1.18 under Solaris 8.  `dccd' and `dccm' had
been running for about a week, but `dccd' dumped core last night.
Here's a traceback and register dump from the core:

# adb libexec/dccd core
core file = core -- program ``dccd'' on platform SUNW,Ultra-4
SIGSEGV: Segmentation Fault
_memcpy() + 1c
summarize_rcd(0,2,ffbef394,2,9,fa1575e8) + 59c
summarize_dly(0,ffbef5de,2,2,8,fa1575d0) + 1c4
flods_ck(0,408,ffbef804,36d,7f4d0,551d0) + 658
ck_changes(0,e937a,15dd383,0,0,6cb90) + 3c0
recv_job(f,1885,0,551d0,0,0) + 8d4
main(14,ffbefa9c,ffffffff,4d400,e,0) + 16b8
g0    0                                 l0      41
g1    2a000         repeat_resp+0x1d0   l1      0
g2    0                                 l2      0
g3    0                                 l3      2
g4    0                                 l4      0
g5    0                                 l5      b1575ac
g6    0                                 l6      6c568       db_sts
g7    0                                 l7      23ee2dc
o0    ffbef39c                          i0      0
o1    fa1575f0                          i1      2
o2    10                                i2      ffbef394
o3    fa36e2e8                          i3      2
o4    1                                 i4      9
o5    ffbef39c                          i5      fa1575e8
sp    ffbef2d0                          fp      ffbef4d0
o7    26a7c         summarize_rcd+0x59c         i7    26eec summarize_dly+0x1c4
y     0
tstate: 82001a05  (ccr=0x0, asi=0x82, pstate=0x1a, cwp=0x5)
pstate: ag:0 ie:1 priv:0 am:1 pef:1 mm:0 tle:0 cle:0 mg:0 ig:0
pc    ff1f060c _memcpy+0x1c:    ldub    [%o1], %o4
npc   ff1f0610 _memcpy+0x20:    add     %o1, 0x1, %o1

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