Newbie driven up the wall

Vernon Schryver
Sat Feb 1 00:34:30 UTC 2003

> From: Neil Hollis <>

> ...
> I got rid of -g and changed the LOG_AT, it does indeed that the message is
> whitelisted on IP which is shown as localhost. A bit of rechecking showed that
> although I had got rid of the whitelist for 'localhost' in whiteclnt I 
> hadn't for whitecommon. With that changed I'm getting the DCC headers in 
> the mail.

It's good that you looked, because what I said turned out to be irrelevant.

> Cheers for the pointers - any ideas why -g ain't playing?

Because I got it wrong.  "-g not_IP" should work.

I've also changed things so that 1.1.24 will understand not-IP as well
as no_IP and no-IP.

Vernon Schryver

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