First Tennessee National Corporation

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jan 30 20:24:55 UTC 2003

> From: Mark Atkinson <>

> You've posted about them before on

I didn't think to check NANAS or my own blacklists until today.
What I found is what moved me to ask here.

> I find it funny that a spammer would set up dcc, only to checksum their
> own outgoing spam.

I don't see how to rule out that idea, except that it sounds funny.

Aother notion is that the unsolicited bulk mail advertising them
them was due to a rogue employee or someone using a "please send
information" web page to try to get the outfit in trouble.

Yet another theory is that an opt-out bulk email advertising campaign
might generate a lot of substantially identical responses and might
benefit from filtering.

Or perhaps they operate a ISP.  A /22 seems like a small block of
addresses for an ISP dealing with 80K+ msgs/day, but more than
sufficient for a bank or card factoring outfit.

Oh, well, I thought I'd ask.

Vernon Schryver

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