First Tennessee National Corporation

Dave Lugo
Thu Jan 30 19:35:41 UTC 2003

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Does anyone know anything about
> First Tennessee National Corporation,
>,,, or

Doesn't ring a bell, nor are the above domainnames or the subnet below in
any filters at work.

> Two DCC clients in have been sending at least 80,000
> requests per day to the DCC servers that answer anonymous requests for

I'm seeing mych less traffic from them than that:

  0%  51%   4782  01/30 14:28:57

> I've been unable to get responses from them to email questions.
> I've also found a little evidence of unsolicited bulk mail from them.

Hmmm.. perhaps a phone call to thier admin/tech contact would be the
next step?

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