new version, and !(html comment) checksumming

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jan 30 00:26:38 UTC 2003

> From: Mark Atkinson <>

>                                                                  ...   My
> question is basically is if I update do I get the new checksums, or are
> the new 'no html comment' checksums already present in one of the Fuz
> values.

The flavor of checksums that a DCC client cares about are whatever it
generates and checks.  Two DCC clients of sufficiently different versions
see different streams of spam and might as well be using different DCC
servers.  If each stream of spam is big enough, that is not a problem.

Version 1.1.22 and later notices most HTML bodies or MIME "entities"
as HTML and ignore all HTML tags and comments.  Two messages that
differ only my HTML mark-up indications are surely "substantially
identical."  Version 1.1.19 knew nothing about HTML except a little
about URLs.

> I usually let the new release 'settle' before upgrading dccm.

I usually can't argue with that prudence.  However, I think anyone
running 1.1.21 ought to immediately switch to 1.1.22.

Vernon Schryver

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