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Tue Jan 28 06:05:13 UTC 2003

Vernon Schryver wrote:
> From:

> /var/dcc/map is generated by the homedir/Makefile using something
> very much like this script:
> ...

> I tested this and now I get following results:
> [root@ernie dcc]# /usr/local/bin/cdcc info
> # 01/27/03 10:36:18 MET  /var/dcc/map
> # Will re-resolve names after 12:29:58
> #   88.68 ms chosen delay  9 total addresses  8 working
> ...

That looks fine.
I wonder what happened when you ran `make install` and it failed.


I don't know, but I tried it couple of times. I did never mention
which platform I was using. I compiled DCC on Sun Ultra 1 and 10
using Solaris 8. The compiler is gcc 2.95.2 and gmake 3.79.1.

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