Version 1.1.22 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jan 27 01:07:41 UTC 2003

Version 1.1.22 of the DCC source is in and
I think I've resolved the inconsistencies in computing checksums found
yesterday.  Normally I'd prefer to cook this code for a week or two,
but it seems strictly better than 1.1.20 and 1.1.21 and there is some
urgency to fix them.  If you are bothered by spam with lots of HTML
comments, you may find this version better than 1.1.19. and start with

    Fix inconsistencies in fuzzy checksums computed by dccm and dccproc.
    More ./configure script changes to try to deal with problems on
	a Solaris system with GCC and some undetermined oddities.

Note that versions of dccd before 1.1.5 do not tolerate checksum reports
with more than 8 hops.  Versions before 1.1.17 require that /var/dcc/ids
be updated to contain recently added servers.

The next major anticipated change is to pay attention to
"Content-Type: text/html" 822 as well as entity headers to treat mail
that lacks an <HTML> tag as HTML.  That may also require dealing with
nested multipart MIME messages, which is why it's not yet implemented.

Vernon Schryver

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