version 1.1.17 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Sat Jan 25 21:20:48 UTC 2003

> From:

> ...
> OK.  I have gotten no response from him so I am making changes to the
> spec without his consultation.

You're always free to make changes to your own copies of open source.

I need to change
to be a list.  It seems like a good place for a URL pointing to your
DCC RPM spec. file as well as the RPM spec. files of others.  Does
that make sense?

> > ] Also, what /var/dcc files are specific to the dccd server?
> >=20
> > Primarily dcc_db, dcc_db.hash, flod, and
> What about /var/run/dcc?  Would that be specific to the dccd only or
> would dccm use it? 

dccm likes to put its PID files and UNIX domain socket in a "run" 

>                     I know dccproc doesn't because that is what I use
> here and I don't have it present.  Although my version is quite old --
> hence my reason to get this sucker packaged nicely.  Easy upgrading
> and file auditability.
> Brian J. Murrell

I use variations of
to maintain half a dozen DCC installations.

I don't understand "file auditability" in any useful or effective

Vernon Schryver

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