version 1.1.21 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jan 24 19:27:18 UTC 2003

Version 1.1.21 of the DCC source is in and

Dccm finally went crazy for me and let me find the problem.  In the
week or two I've been running it, it never saw any of the invalid HTML
character references that triggered an infinite loop.  So it goes. and start with

    Suppress repeated messages about unauthorized server IDs of peers.
    Install cdcc, dccproc, and so forth in $HOME/bin by default
	if /usr/local/bin is not writable and $HOME/bin exists.
    Fix infinite loop in decoding invalid HTML character references.

Note that versions of dccd before 1.1.5 do not tolerate checksum reports
with more than 8 hops.  Versions before 1.1.17 require that /var/dcc/ids 
be updated to contain recently added servers.

Vernon Schryver

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