no valid server hostnames

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jan 24 16:35:06 UTC 2003

> From:

> OK, I guess something went wrong installation. The content in
> /var/dcc/map.txt
> was a single question mark. I copied the map.txt from the source and
> restarted
> dcc. I ran "cdcc info" both before and after restart and the result were
> the same
> (only difference in time):
> ...

map.txt is only documentation.  The list of DCC servers is in /var/dcc/map.
The single question mark suggests that the homedir/Makefile failed
to build /var/dcc/map as well as /var/dcc/map.txt

/var/dcc/map is generated by the homedir/Makefile using something
very much like this script:

  PASSWD=`ps|cksum|tr ' ' 'x'`
  umask 077; touch $(DCC_PROTO_HOMEDIR)/map.txt
  sed -e "/^localhost/s/secret1/$$PASSWD/" map.txt \
      | ${DEPTH}/cdcc/cdcc -qh $(DCC_PROTO_HOMEDIR) 'load -; info' \

It would be interesting to try that script to see what happens.  
Is there any chance that your system does not have the `cksum` command?
Was the cdcc command not built?

The point of the complication of the script is to generate reasonable
secret password for the client-ID.
To simply get your system running, it should be enough to use

  cdcc load - </what/ever/homedir/map.txt

where /what/ever/homedir/map.txt is the map.txt file in the source.

Vernon Schryver

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