no valid server hostnames
Fri Jan 24 06:58:01 UTC 2003

OK, I guess something went wrong installation. The content in
was a single question mark. I copied the map.txt from the source and
dcc. I ran "cdcc info" both before and after restart and the result were
the same
(only difference in time):

# 01/24/03 07:16:56 MET  /var/dcc/map
# Will re-resolve names after 01:00:00
#  0 total addresses  0 working
IPv6 off

I have no problem resolving or localhost.

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> I have just started dccm on one of our mail servers and are getting
> following error message repeatitly:
> Jan 23 16:07:56 ernie dccm[11580]: [ID 702911 local5.error] no valid
> hostnames
> Is that because I do not define SRVR_ID in /var/dcc/dcc_conf?
> I am not running dccd.

The log message says it comes from `dccm`.

It means that the DCC client code went through the list of servers
in the /var/dcc/map file and found none whose names could be resolved
into IP addresses.  Have you specified any servers?  Is your system
able to resolve or convert there names to IP addresses?

The installation scripts and make files install the names "localhost"
and ""  Can your system resolve those?

The command `cdcc info` will display the conents of the /var/dcc/map file
including IP addresses for the server host names.

Vernon Schryver
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