version 1.1.20 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jan 24 00:18:56 UTC 2003

Version 1.1.20 of the DCC source is in and

There are important changes in the fuzzy checksums.  There is
support for Spanish and improved handling of nominally invisible
MIME postambles and preambles.  The most important change is that
HTML tags and comments are now ignored.

It would be good although slightly risky for at least a few large DCC
clients to install this version to ensure that the global database is
contains both old and new fuzzy checksums for common spam. and start with

    Fuzzy checksums ignore all text before initial MIME boundary and
	after terminal MIME boundary.
    Add support for Spanish thanks to Leandro Santi.
    Shuffle hostname resolving code to try to fix what may be a race
	in the Linux pthread_create() as discovered by Karl Grindley.
    Reduce default value of `dbclean -e` from 7 to 2 days.  Mail that does
	not reach the local bulk threshold within 2 days is probably not
	spam and if it is, it will almost certainly reach a bulk threshold
	at some other server in the network.

Vernon Schryver

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