one-way reporting?

Dave Lugo
Fri Jan 10 17:20:57 UTC 2003

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Daniel V Klein wrote:

> When you say "can't accept inbound UDP" does that mean "unsolicited UDP"
> or does that mean "no UDP".  If the former, you're hosed.  If the latter,
> then no problem!

At the moment, no UDP.  The admin at the site is seeing what options he
has for opening up inbound udp to his reporting dccproc.

> The reason I ask is that may sites which use Cisco routers have what is
> called "reflexive rules" in their firewall.  You can get answers to many
> port requests, but nobody can just come into a random port.  I'd check to
> see if the "unsolicited UDP" rule is what is in effect on your site...

Nope, not in this situation, but thanks for pointing it out in the event
it was applicable :)

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