version 1.1.17 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jan 10 00:54:05 UTC 2003

> From: Brandon Long <>

>         ...   If the dccm is dependent on a specific version of
> sendmail, then the dccm rpm is dependent on a specific sendmail rpm, but
> people can install the other packages without it.

I don't know about Linux RPMs, but dccm works with sendmail 8.10.something
through 8.12.7.

> ...
> For one, its dependent on sendmail being installed... which is certainly
> not necessary for just dccproc.
> Dependent in the "can't install with out using --nodeps" manner, of
> course the binaries will work if installed.


> Also, it installs dccd and add its to the init scripts to be started at
> boot time, also not useful for client only scenarios.
> ...

Dccd doesn't start unless the init scripts find a server-ID.  I don't
recall what if anything Andrew Macpherson's file does about server-IDs.
(In recent months, I've hacked basic installation mechanism to create
a local, hopefully secret client-ID and password.)


] From:

] ...
] No?  Can you not use dccm without dccd, like you can dccproc?  I have
] never used the dccm interface.

Dccm can and often is used with remote DCC servers or dccd processes.
However, people who use dccm might be more likely to be more interested
in the dccd source than those who use dccproc or dccifd.
] ...
] 1) The version is way out of date.

What do you mean by "the version"?  Is that some string that needs
to be changed in the spec file for each DCC release?

] 2) %files hardcodes /usr/bin.  I believe %{_bindir} is pervasive
]    enough to use it.
] 3) He substitutes sbindir for your libexec (/var/dcc/libexec).
]    Who/what is supposed to call those binaries?  If not a user or
]    administrator, they should go in /usr/lib/dcc (or somesuch).
] 4) It does not create separate packages (for dccproc and dccd and dccm
]    if decided that that should be separate).

That's an object lesson for part of why I'm not enthused about RPMs
or Packages.  Everyone has their own notions for how things should 
be installed.  Without sufficient political clout or at least investment
in working the politics, it's impossible to get consensus on such
issues as the choice among /var/dcc/libexec, /usr/lib/dcc, or somesuch.

Another and bigger part is dealing with the "dcc" user name and UID.
How do you get a dcc name added to /etc/passwd?
Depending on local choices and circumstances, the set-UID DCC
programs can be set-UID to root or some other UID or not set-UID at all.

Most of /var/dcc/libexec are daemons, but there are some obscure things
that administrators might use such as dblist.

] ...
] I will fix the above items and submit a patch for the specfile.  Just
] let me know how to split the packages.  Just dcc-dccproc and dcc-dccd
] or do a dcc-dccm?  If not, which of the above two should I put dccm
] into?

Could you involve Andrew Macpherson instead of me?  I boot Linux
only when I need to test things.
] Also, what /var/dcc files are specific to the dccd server?

Primarily dcc_db, dcc_db.hash, flod, and

Vernon Schryver

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