version 1.1.17 of the DCC
Thu Jan 9 20:11:11 UTC 2003

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 12:44:11PM -0700, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Why make 3 packages?

Why have 3 tarballs?

> There are three only because MAPS wanted to keep
> some of my code secret from MAPS's customers.

The separation does not seem all that illogical however.  Why load the
whole dccd works if you just want dccproc?

> A dccproc package
> without dccd and dccm might make a little sense, but the dccm package
> is not worthwhile.

No?  Can you not use dccm without dccd, like you can dccproc?  I have
never used the dccm interface.

> It's not as if the extra bits of the complete
> package are big enough to care about.

Maybe just cleanliness and orerliness.

> What's wrong with the RPM spec file from Andrew Macpherson in the
> misc directory in the source.

Doh!  I was looking for one in the root.  A couple of issues with it:

1) The version is way out of date.
2) %files hardcodes /usr/bin.  I believe %{_bindir} is pervasive
   enough to use it.
3) He substitutes sbindir for your libexec (/var/dcc/libexec).
   Who/what is supposed to call those binaries?  If not a user or
   administrator, they should go in /usr/lib/dcc (or somesuch).
4) It does not create separate packages (for dccproc and dccd and dccm
   if decided that that should be separate).

> There were changes made to the DCC source to let that spec file work
> without local changes.  Is there something wrong with it?

It works.  Using $(DESTDIR) in the Makefiles just seems more natural
to me than to monkey with the install targets in the RPM %install
scriptlet.  Not worth arguing over though.

I will fix the above items and submit a patch for the specfile.  Just
let me know how to split the packages.  Just dcc-dccproc and dcc-dccd
or do a dcc-dccm?  If not, which of the above two should I put dccm

Also, what /var/dcc files are specific to the dccd server?


Brian J. Murrell
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