Spam that is just a link

Brandon Long
Wed Jan 8 22:42:09 UTC 2003

That would mean you would have to white-list any mail from most web mail
providers (I know, some people already black-list those), since they
often contain a little ad with a link like in

Mailing lists like this one would already be white-listed.

Hell, my posts all have my home page in them, if they didn't contain any
other urls, they would eventually match.


On 01/08/03 Adam Ierymenko uttered the following other thing:
> I'm increasingly seeing spam like:
> "Cut your debt: rkljelrkjhvljher90135h3434"
> There are usually more random strings or random words and meaningless
> sentences along with it.  I think in some cases dcc misses these.
> Perhaps there should be a new checksum for all URLs appearing in a
> message?  That might catch these along with spams that are nothing
> but HTML <img ...> tags that refer to off-site servers.
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