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David Champion
Fri Jan 3 19:03:58 UTC 2003

* On 2003.01.03, in <>,
*	"Vernon Schryver" <> wrote:
> How much non-bulk mail does not contain a plaintext version of the
> HTML portion?

I find that it's a significant minority. Very little (on the order of
0.1%) of my non-bulk mail is strictly in HTML, but I find that because
I essentially work in back-line support, that non-bulk HTML mail that I
do get can be important to receive. Personally, I wouldn't accept any
filters that grade HTML mail as naturally undesirable. I would accept
filters that grade HTML mail as suspect, though, and subject it to
further consideration. (But not up to the level of queueing it for a
separate inspection by the human recipient.)

I do system support for a site with 25-30,000 users. I get the
impression, just from ambient information, that wholly legitmate mail is
much more common among my users than it is for me. I don't have any real
figures, though.

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