Newbie bewilderment IV the saga continues

Thu Jan 2 04:34:14 UTC 2003

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I am awaiting a response from my hosting company presently.
I'm sure they have battled several hundred billion bad guys who rented out servers. Paranoia is a great security policy !
I'm sure they have blocked out certain things because of past abuse from bad guys. I am certain the vast number of servers in the Interland server farm will never need the type of UDP services we are talking about so I could see the point of doing weird UDP blocking. As a huge company they have to apply policy across a huge vast number of users and there is no room for indiv exceptions.
This is not however covered in the manual for the server. They do talk about "unavailable services" like ping and traceroute:
"For security reasons a Freedom server does not have the ability to directly manipulate the network
interface on the machine. For this reason, features and applications that directly
manipulate the network interface, such as those listed below, do not function on Freedom
Ping, traceroute, packet based firewalls IPFW and additional IP address are called out as disabled.
I assume this is a important attempt to keep people from doing all sorts of evil stuff. But just like spam blocking - some legitimate traffic will be blocked -
This is the first time in 2 years and zillions of app installs I have had something not work on my server.
I do want confirmation from Interland that indeed they are blocking DCC's UDP usage to confirm what we have surmised already here in these emails.
I am also going to work them to support DCC as Spam is a huge problem for clients and hosts alike.
Again.... Thanx for the support I will continue the fight for running DCC on my server.
I am gonna leave the server running for a few days if anyone has any suggestions...

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> I guess I will ask my hosting company about it. However they are 
> idiots and this will cause complete brain boilover from them. My odds of fixing this are slim to none. Man this sure is very specific filtering !

I'm sure there are several people on this list who work for server 
hostng companies with not such draconian policies on filtering, and with 
support mechanisms to work these things out.  Just a suggestion.

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