Newbie bewilderment IV the saga continues

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jan 2 00:53:46 UTC 2003

> From: ":\)" <>

> ...
> In fact if I run dccd you guys could hit dccd at my IP right ?

This evening (Jan 1, 2003), `cdcc "host; stats"` from
afar says you are running dccd.  That shows that UDP packets with
destination port 6277 can reach your system and that UDP packets with
source port 6277 can leave your system.  Unfortunately, it does not
say anything about either kind of UDP packet going in the opposite
direction.  Those oppposite directions are what the DCC clients need.

> "Warning: Object directory not changed from original"
> I assume these are ok ???

They are ok unless you object to using common source and obj directories.
> Also I noticed an error in the install instruction.
> In step 3 you cannot copy  misc/dcc.m4 and misc/dccdnsbl.m4  as
> dcc.m4 is created during compile and at step 3 does not exist yet..


> ...
> I have randomly set the server to id 32112 - stop me immd if this
> will cause a issue on the dcc network by randomly assigning a server ID !.

Random server-IDs do no harm unless you try to connect your server
to the public network.

> Same result from cddc info. Nothing working.
> ...

Do `cdcc "host; stats"` or `cdcc "host; stats"`
find your server?

Vernon Schryver

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