Newbie bewilderment IV the saga continues

Wed Jan 1 23:44:22 UTC 2003

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Wow a truly helpful mailing list, that's gotta be a first !!!! Thanx !!
Ok well,,, I think if I run dccd and then run a udp scan on that port using AW Port scanner from that should work ?. I should be able to see DCCD from my windows port scan from my dial up ISP.
In fact if I run dccd you guys could hit dccd at my IP right ?
Hmmmmmm.... Gotta install dccd. 

You know... Maybe there is some tricky way to run dccm pointed to my own dccd and have dccd get a current list of bad guys using some other method other then UDP if the problem ends up being some host applied UDP firewall ? True this does take a lot of the "live' aspect away from dcc but better then nothing !
Doing install I notice that during -make install- I get a lot of
"Warning: Object directory not changed from original"
I assume these are ok ???
Also I noticed an error in the install instruction.
In step 3 you cannot copy  misc/dcc.m4 and misc/dccdnsbl.m4  as dcc.m4 is created during compile and at step 3 does not exist yet..
Just for reference.
OK I have the dccd server running. The port scanner reports:
#4:28:33 PM Starting UDP scan.
#4:28:38 PM Opened UDP port 6277, local port 4381.
Standard Service: not assigned
#4:28:40 PM End scanning.
It seems the UDP port scan can see the server from my dial up windows computer.
I have randomly set the server to id 32112 - stop me immd if this will cause a issue on the dcc network by randomly assigning a server ID !.
Same result from cddc info. Nothing working.
So you guys/girls should be able to poke at my server at
The results should be interesting !!!!!!!

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