Newbie bewilderment III

Wed Jan 1 12:23:06 UTC 2003

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Part II, The DCC Saga...
Our story so far...
A newbie, overconfident after installing a host of apps over the last year jumped in and dropped dccm into his system starting at 1am thinking it was a easy install. Indeed this was tempting Murphy. After hours of brain destroying head bashing against several walls he decided to post to this forum his dilemma out of pure desperation..
Sendmail 8.12.7 running on FreeBSD4.4 was setup with milters and runs dccm using all defaults 
Dccm reports in the sendmail log: 
dccm[81022]: skip asking DCC 300.000 seconds more after failure 
Cdcc reports:
%cdcc info
# 01/01/03 04:44:49 MST  /var/dcc/map
# Will re-resolve names after 06:30:04
#  9 total addresses  0 working
IPv6 off,-      RTT+0 ms    anon
#      not answering
#      not answering
#      not answering
#      not answering
#      not answering
#      not answering
#      not answering
#      not answering

localhost,-                RTT-1000 ms  32768 3557194097x1067
#,-            localhost                 
#      not answering

This would lead one to believe that there was a firewall or something blocking the port. However Stupid Newbie ( me ) decided to test the port and setup ssh to run on 6277. I had to as my host/provider has removed the Traceroute command for some evil reason on my root access server. This confirmed that 6277 was open - free and usable. I stopped dccm for this test obviously. So there is nothing stopping dccm/cdcc from connecting to the outside that is obvious.
This is perplexing for sure.. My newbie brain popped.
I cleaned out everything and reinstalled and it made no difference.
No other errors in any log - compile went well.
My total install was:
Gunzip / Tar /
configure --with-sendmail=/usr/local/sendmail/sendmail-8.12.7 --disable-server
Make install
Cpcc info <<-- didn't work..
Am I leaving something out ??
I want to fight the SPAM war on the front line. I -really- want to use dccm. I have a nice well nurtured spamtrap address I have carefully attracted 40 emails a day to. I weekly go opt in the opt out of many lists using it. Post it on usenet and give it to places like Wallmart and Denny's. Even after spamassassin and many many rbl checks I still get 5 a day through it that are pure evil spam. I want those to get reported to dcc.
Does anyone have a spamtrap address they might want my spamtrap to feed to ? If I can't get dccm to work I want to feed my spamtrap into a well connected dcc client that can fully utilize it in the war.

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