Newbie bewilderment

Vernon Schryver
Tue Dec 31 18:45:09 UTC 2002

> From: ":\)" <>

> ...
> I will also check on the port by running something else on that
> port once I fully uninstall dcc to confirm the port is open.

I would just kill dccm and then use `traceroute -p` with various values
larger than 6277.

>  ...
> So stupid question... If I'm running dccm as a milter that's all
> I need ?, I don't need to be running dccd right ?.

Dccm is a DCC client.  Dccd is the DCC server.  Unless your mail system
handles 50,000 to 100,000 mail messags/day, you consume less bandwidth,
CPU cycles, and so forth both of your own and of other DCC servers by
using the public DCC servers.  Each DCC client-server transaction
involves about 100 bytes.  A "flood" of checksums is currently somewhat
less than 10 MBytes/day, and so the 100 Kmsgs/day threshold.

In short, no, at least to start, you don't need dccd.

> Any way permissions or file modes coulda caused this same error ?
> ...

Not as far as I know.

Vernon Schryver

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