Newbie bewilderment

Tue Dec 31 16:52:54 UTC 2002

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No firewall. But im on a root server at a server farm so -maybe-. But I run things on all sorts of weird ports with no issues so I think its more stupid then that, even though having a firewalled port is pretty dense.
I'm gonna let my brain cool off and stop smoldering and reinstall from scratch now that I'm a bit more clued in.
I will also check on the port by running something else on that port once I fully uninstall dcc to confirm the port is open.
I'm sure it's a really stupid thing I did wrong. I'm so used to "sh configure - make - make install" with zero extra effort this one caught me off guard and I had to go find some seldom used brain cells. The second install I will be using my brain and not on auto pilot.
So stupid question... If I'm running dccm as a milter that's all I need ?, I don't need to be running dccd right ?.
Any way permissions or file modes coulda caused this same error ?

I want to start simple and then I will wade into more complex configurations like running dccd.
I have a well cultivated spamtrap I have used for nothing but spam for 3 years and I want to feed this into the system and help fight the spam wars. I will figure out the dcc system.

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> dccm[70361]: skip asking DCC 256.000 seconds more after failure

That says dccm can't get any response from any of the available DCC servers.

> CDCC Info produces:

> #  9 total addresses  0 working

That says cdcc can't get any response from any of the available DCC servers.

The first thing I'd check is for a firewall filtering UDP packets to and/or from remote port 6277.


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