Whitelist question/issue

Sven sven@dmv.com
Mon Dec 23 14:16:51 UTC 2002

Good morning,

I have a question regarding how to whitelist (or if it can even be done)
certain email. The sender in question would be ebay. The problem arises in
that the From: line and the env_from both contain dynamic data, for example
: <eBay.22416625.55687.0@reply.ebay.com>. As wildcards are not allowed in
whitelists (which I understand, because the the hash is made from the
content) and whitelisting the body wouldn't make sense (as the body will
change with each mass mailing to its members) I was wondering if anyone has
a solution for this situation. The tenet of DCC is that mail is marked as
bulk [at a certain threshold] and requires whitelist intervention (both
global and end-user based); so the question arises as to how to make the
whitelist work for this situation ....

The idea of whitelisting the ebay mail server won't work in my situation
becuase the DCC querying servers I have are not the first in line in the
mail server chain for our domain (they are an internal relay point) ...



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