log file name into the reject message & dccm small patch

Tim Wicinski tim@meer.net
Fri Dec 20 16:54:20 UTC 2002

Vernon Schryver wrote:

> What happens when the "msg." name does not have the same random suffix
> as the "tmp." name?  dcc_log_keep() tries to keep the same suffix,
> but if other processes are using the log directory, it can be forced
> to pick a new and different suffix.
> It seems better to record the sendmail queue ID (e.g. "gBKFbt05035670"
> in that example) in the DCC log file.  It seems that the default milter
> settings include $i (at least in 8.12.7.Beta0), so dccm could snag
> it.  The problem with that is it would change the format of dccm log
> files.  Do you have suggestion for such a change that would not
> inconvenience anyone?   If there is no innocuous place in the log file
> to put the sendmail queue ID, would this change be worth changing
> the log file version number?
> What about recording the I-number of the log file in the syslog message?
> It won't change when the log file is renamed.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't DCC have this feature awhile back? 
I seem to remember in one of my updates, perhaps from 1.0.53 -> 1.1.x 
this vanished from the mail syslog files.  It may be due to some 
sendmail version change also, as I tend to bump them at the same time.

When you mention 'DCC log file' above, do you mean the 
/var/dcc/log/<message> file?  Since our /var/dcc/log/ directory is 10Gb 
for the last 30 days, I'd rather use something simpler to parse.


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