version 1.1.17 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Tue Dec 10 18:19:10 UTC 2002

Version 1.1.17 of the DCC source is in and and start with

    add DCC interface daemon, dccifd, similar to dccm for SpamAssassin and
	Perl filters and MTAs other than sendmail.  This is only an initial
	release soliciting comments about its interface.  Its interface
	may change in 1.1.18.  The new lines of homdir/dcc_conf must be
	added to /var/dcc/dcc_conf to turn it on.
    `dccm -a IGNORE` says "would have rejected" in the log messages
	for Sven Willenberger
    generate sample client-ID password for localhost server in /var/dcc/ids
	and /var/dcc/map
    dccd only complains about unknown server-IDs when "IDS" tracing is
	turned on.
    DCC clients check for new server DNS records every other hour
	instead of every hour
    compute the same Base64 result for 32-character lines with or without '\r'
    close unlikely, theoretical per-user log file FD leak in dccm.
    dccproc passes header lines (including continuations) longer than
	20 KBytes
    fix bugs in misc/newwebuser as noted by Furlan Campos.
    dccm deletes all X-DCC headers of the right brand name to foil
	tricky spammers.
    dccproc defaults the -T tmpdir to the -l logdir

Vernon Schryver

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