Compiling on Windows, and a question of policy

Vernon Schryver
Mon Dec 2 16:57:47 UTC 2002

> From: Peter Beckman <>

> So approximately 700MB of data per day, based on a 7K per message including
> headers.  That comes out to approximately 8.10KBps or 64.8Kbps in
> ...

I do not know how that might be related to the DCC.  The DCC does not
involve moving email over networks except the normal delivery of mail.

I did write:

> > The current daily bandwidth required for DCC flooding is similar
> > to the bandwidth needed to check about 100,000 mail messages/day.

As that tried to say, the DCC client-to-server traffic for 100K mail
messages is about 10 MBytes.  The server-to-client traffic is less
and perhaps 4 MBytes.  These numbers largely independent of the sizes
of the mail messages or the number of addressees.

It is possible to deal with more than 100K email messages/day with a
fraction of a T1, but I doubt many are doing that today.  If you have
enough users to have 100K mail messages/day, you'll probaby want at
least a fraction of a T3 for your HTTP traffic.

Again, if you care, please read

Vernon Schryver

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