Compiling on Windows, and a question of policy

John R Levine
Mon Dec 2 16:43:24 UTC 2002

> > I'm considering building a lowish end mail appliance using DCC, but if I
> > do, it'll be running something unixish so it can run its own server, and
> > I'd charge a monthly maintenance fee which would include access to other
> > servers.
> > ...
> The 15-bit DCC server-ID makes having a zillion small servers impossible
> without using uglinesses such as the server-ID translation kludge.

If they were all my users, I'd want a translation kludge anyway that hid
my set of internal servers behind a single public server ID to avoid
broadcasting my customer list to the world.

> However, a low-end appliance could pay for the use of external servers.

The capacity would probably be fine, but I was wondering about network
latency.  I use DNS caches for DNSBL queries, including full zone mirrors
for the zones I use a lot, to minimize network delays.  With a lot of DCC
traffic, the issues would be similar.

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