One other question

Dave Lugo
Fri Nov 29 20:50:02 UTC 2002

On 29 Nov 2002, John R Levine wrote:
> Yes, although there is still a lot of 419 and porn spam that DCC hasn't
> seen yet an SA catches.  Dunno whether I'm not swapping checksums often
> enough or what.

No, you're probably swapping checksums fine.  419s (and possibly some
porn spams) are more likely low-volume enough that they don't hit many

> I suppose I could try that, although catching with DNSBLs is a lot faster
> even than DCC.

Agreed.  I disabled DNSbl blocking just to see how effective the DCC was,
and was pretty pleased at the result.  From what you've told me, you move
a lot more mail than I do at my vanity domains, so DNSbl usage is probably
a much more effective use of your CPU cycles.

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