SpamAssassin & DCC

Daniel V Klein
Fri Nov 29 18:52:45 UTC 2002

I have seen a bunch of mention of SpamAssassin in this list.  I finally went
to the SpamAssassin website, and it looks quite interesting.  I am a devoted
DCC user (I run a server), an unrepentant Sendmail user, and am also committed
to being lazy (one of Larry Wall's virtues of a programmer :-)  I would like
to use SpamAssassin on a server-wide basis (that is, for the 85+ domains that
I MX) while still using DCC and Sendmail.

Is there a kind soul who has gone through this process that would be willing
to tell this lazy hacker where to start?  My concern is that to keep the
server load low and DCC use high (I may be misguided here), I'd like to
milter through DCC before I milter through SpamAssassin.  Pointers, rotten
tomatoes, and/or help would be appreciated.


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