Not sure if this is a problem

Vernon Schryver
Fri Nov 29 17:29:36 UTC 2002

> From: Ben <>

> I have been using the DCCM client on SuSE PowerPC Linux (7.3) for about 5
> days now and I have noticed that somewhere between 12 and 24 hours after
> DCCM is started it appears to stop working.  When DCCM is started it creates
> 5 processes.

No, dccm involves a single process, but a number of threads.  
The Linux ps commands reports threads as if they were processes.

>              It is filtering spam and I get those messages in /var/dcc/log.
> But after awhile those 5 DCCM processes die and one process remains.

Each checked message starts a new Milter thread that ends with then checking
is finished.
There is a main thread in the milter library that watches for requests
from sendmail.
Dccm also has a one thread that does nothing but log a message at midnight.
There are also threads that are started to resolve host names in 
the local white list.
I vaguely recall finding that Linux pthreads include hidden housekeeping

>                                                                    . Spam
> appears to not be filtered. If I start and stop Sendmail and DCCM (DCCM
> first for the socket) everything appears to work fine again. I don't see a
> core file nor any messages in any log files. When I do a netstat at anytime
> it appears that DCCM is constantly talking to other DCC servers.

Dccm is a DCC client.  It does not talk to DCC servers except when
stimulated by incoming mail from sendmail.

>                                                                  I do not
> have an id and I am using the DCC servers anonymously. What is a good debug
> level to run at to see what could be causing this problem...

All I can suggest is adding -d's to DCCM_ARGS in /var/dcc/dcc_conf
before `gdb`.

If sendmail is working but dccm is not, sendmail does complain in all
of the versions I've seen of the sendmail milter support since

Are you sure the problem is related to dccm?  People continue to blame
dccm for problems that are entirely in the SpamAssassin milter programs.
For one such issue, consider the implications of the 15 minute timeout
recommend for at least one of those milter filters.

Vernon Schryver

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