One other question

Vernon Schryver
Fri Nov 29 17:17:54 UTC 2002

> From: Ben <>

> I want to use DCC or Razor or both with Spam Assassin. Is this possible? 

As Dave Lugo said, many people are using either or both with SpamAssasin

>                                                                         I
> have not found any good comparisons of Razor Vs. DCC.  Is there any out
> there?

One is

I think Vipul's Razor is now the SpamNet product of
As I understand it, their basic idea is to have people report spam to
central servers.  Then MTA and MUA software check incoming mail
with that server and reject spam.

The DCC uses a distributed network of servers to let MTA and MUA detect
bulk mail and then based on local white lists, accept or reject solicited
or unsolicited bulk email.

Vernon Schryver

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