Not sure if this is a problem

Fri Nov 29 16:37:59 UTC 2002


I have been using the DCCM client on SuSE PowerPC Linux (7.3) for about 5
days now and I have noticed that somewhere between 12 and 24 hours after
DCCM is started it appears to stop working.  When DCCM is started it creates
5 processes. It is filtering spam and I get those messages in /var/dcc/log.
But after awhile those 5 DCCM processes die and one process remains. Spam
appears to not be filtered. If I start and stop Sendmail and DCCM (DCCM
first for the socket) everything appears to work fine again. I don't see a
core file nor any messages in any log files. When I do a netstat at anytime
it appears that DCCM is constantly talking to other DCC servers. I do not
have an id and I am using the DCC servers anonymously. What is a good debug
level to run at to see what could be causing this problem...


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