Whitelisting a message body?

John R Levine johnl@iecc.com
Mon Nov 25 06:01:40 UTC 2002

Yes, I really want to whitelist a message body.

I run a bunch of autoresponders, with addresses published in my books with
an invitation to send a message to the autoresponder to see if somone's
mail work.  By far the most common message bodies are either blank, or the
word "test".  But since far too many people use Outlook or Outlook
Express, a blank message is actually about a dozen lines of HTML, the HTML
is always the same, and DCC correctly detects the duplication in the body
and the fuz checksums.

Is there any way I can tell DCC that these messages are OK?  The From
addresses are all different, since they're sent by lots of different
people. I don't want to whitelist the To addresses since they also get a
great deal of spam.  Any suggestions?

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