Compile error on SuSE PPC 7.3 Linux

Vernon Schryver
Wed Nov 20 05:34:33 UTC 2002

> From: Ben <>

> ...
> Here is the error I am getting when compiling dccm and dccd. Both are
> failing on the same thing.
> ......
> cc -pthread   dccm.o clnt_threaded.o
> /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/sendmail-8.11.6/obj.Linux.2.4.12.ppc/libmilter/lib
> milter.a 
> /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/sendmail-8.11.6/obj.Linux.2.4.12.ppc/libsmutil/lib
> smutil.a ../dcclib/libdcc.a  -lm -o dccm
> dccm.o: In function `main':
> dccm.o(.text+0x9a4): undefined reference to `smfi_setconn'
> ...

I suspect dccd is ok and only dccm is failing to link because the
missing sendmail milter routines.  Since there are no complaints that
the milter library files don't exist (correct?), the problem must be
that the files are empty.  Does `nm` agree?

Version 8.11.6 of sendmail seems early for a Linux distribution to be
following FreeBSD and shipping sendmail itself built with the milter
mechanism or with the libraries.  Did whatever procedure produced
libmilter.a, libsmutil.a, etc. include rebuilding sendmail with
something like the contents of misc/site.config.m4 in the DCC source?

as well as the DCC installation instructions

Vernon Schryver

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