question about the checksum mechanism of dcc

Vernon Schryver
Sun Nov 17 18:07:00 UTC 2002

> From: "Tony L. Svanstrom" <>

> ...
>  Vernon, if people want to use Spam Assassin to filter their mail shouldn't
> they then install SA, instead of being forced to use it because people are
> autoreporting using DCC?
> ...

I don't understand the question. 

  - People using SpamAssassin to direct mail that their SA scoring
   says is spam have surely installed SA, whether they direct that
   spam to /dev/null, a mailbox, or a program such as `dccproc -t many`.

  - I'm not sure what the other person is doing.  Since I don't see any
  need to involve SA in a simple spam trap, I assume that's not the
  case.  For a simple spam trap, I would use sendmail /etc/mail/aliases
  entries like:
       dccproc:"| /usr/local/bin/dccproc -ERw whiteclnt -t many -c all,0, -l /var/dcc/userdirs/daemon"
   or .forward or .procmailrc equivalents.
   And/or sendmail access_db equivalents.

  - the DCC database does not know how a report of checksums was generated.
   Whether SA was involved is unknowable to other DCC clients.

  - 1000 (+/- several 100) sites are using SpamAssassin with the DCC.  The
   SA installation instructions say that to use SA with the DCC, you must
   install the DCC.
   says something like that from the other direction.

Vernon Schryver

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