How to solve this?

Peter Beckman
Tue Nov 12 18:13:44 UTC 2002

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> >                                     I don't think there has been a case
> > where a spammer uses one real recipient's email address as the From: for
> > all the spam that they are sending.
> What about the famous case at
> ?
> Afer that and until recently, most spammers have not been using
> valid addresses that were not their own (e.g. free provider drop-boxes).
> The many bounces and "remove requests" that spam targets are receiving
> show that some spammers are now using addresses from their target
> lists as From values.  A high profile legal action or two against
> those forgers would help, but who knows when or if that might happen?

 The problem here was that was used as the From:
 address for all the spam.  I hadn't seen that, and I haven't seen this
 recently.  I know that MY email address has been used to send spam, as
 I've received two or three bounces as well as two or three "unsubscribe"
 requests.  But never hundreds or thousands.  They do, however, use valid
 addresses that are not owned by them as the From: address -- usually these
 are randomly chosen recipients that are not equal to the actual recipient
 for the given email.

> None of the DCC servers in the global network I know about run with -KFrom
> or -Kenv_from and so none of them put anything about from addresses into
> their database.  DCC clients do not send Env_To hash values to servers.
> See the main DCC man page and the dccd man page.

 Good to know!  :-)

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