How to properly whitelist Yahoo Groups

Vernon Schryver
Fri Nov 8 19:12:06 UTC 2002

> From: Tim Wicinski <>

> We're getting some of the yahoo groups mail being rejected by DCC.  Not 
> all of it, but enough to be noticable.
> I've tried to the local whitelist as so:
> # yahoo
> ok      env_From
> ok      ip
> ok      substitute      mail_host

I doubt "env_From" would work, because it
lacks a username.

"ip" will white-list all mail from SMTP clients in that
block of IP addresses, unless your white-list is already too large.
If it doesn't work then perhaps the mail is being relayed through
an MX secondary.

"substitute mail_host" will white-list all mail
with envelope Mail_From values of the form
provided you are running dccm with "-Smail_host"

Vernon Schryver

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