logging just the DCC-Metrics information

Sven sven@dmv.com
Tue Nov 5 18:54:33 UTC 2002

I have enabled syslogging information from dccm as well as logging messages
to the log directory. As my flag is -Aignore (we just tag the email as
suspect and allow our end users to make the final call), the logfiles merely
give summaries that resemble:
"Nov  5 00:00:01 machinename dccm[6447]: 1.1.16 rejected messages to 0
targets and discarded messages to 0 targets among 67557 total since 11/04/02

What I am looking for is a way to log the DCC-metrics line from each mail to
a file; this would be useful from a statistics/graphing point of view. My
script could then just grep through this file for " bulk" versus the total
lines, etc.

With the volume of mail we process, trying to grep through the log directory
messages becomes quite the chore (especially since freebsd has that problem
with too many arguments being passed to the grep command).

Is there anything already built in to the logging facility or conf files
that would allow for this? or is this something that could be added?


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