DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS functionality

Sven sven@dmv.com
Wed Oct 30 13:12:25 UTC 2002

Other than the comment in the dcc_conf file about this (dbclean_logdays)
variable being used to determine how long to keep files in the dccm log
directory, I haven't found how to make use of this flag. I am logging to the
default (via dcc_conf) "log" directory which is, as documented, getting
filled with mail fragments/check results, etc. Trying to run dbclean -S
simply rehashes an essentially unused database (as this is all occuring on
client/dccm machines not running dccd).

How do I make use of this variable to prevent overruning my log directory
with messages and/or manually pruning the entries. This is a short-lived
problem as I am logging to detect valid mailing lists, etc that may need to
be whitelisted.



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