X-DCC-SEI-DCC-Metrics fot white list?

Valentin Chopov valentin@valcho.net
Tue Oct 29 13:45:12 UTC 2002

Is there a way to put a "X-DCC-SEI-DCC-Metrics" in the message header for
white listed messages with the additional mark that this is white listed.
The problem is that sometimes it's difficult to find if the message is
white listet or just the Milter didn't handle it (sendmail is configured
if the  milter fails to proceed the mail). BTW, this will be a good way
to check if the white lists are correct.

Valentin S. Chopov, CCNP
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On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> > > From: 	bnixon[SMTP:bnixon@nixtech.net]
> > > I hate to post such a newbie question but I am at a loss as to the
> > > proper syntax and file rights used to "load" my map.txt file into my map
> > > file. I have everything else working and have tried for three days to do
> > > this. You guys are great but some examples would be good.
> > From: "Rice, MA Mark (6750)" <RiceMA@isl-3com.com>
> > Are you saying that you have created your own map file?
> >
> > If you've just installed dcc, you load a new map by:
> >
> > # cdcc 'new map'
> > # cdcc 'add dcc.rhyolite.com'
> > # cdcc 'info'
> >
> > The last command will give some output. One line of it should contain
> > something like "dcc.rhyolite.com,-     anon".
> > ...
> That will work, except that it would be better to use "dcc.dcc-servers.net"
> dcc.rhyolite.com is now only a CNAME or alias for dcc.dcc-servers.net.
> However, a "map.txt" file such as the contents of /var/dcc/map.txt
> that is installed by `make install` with the DCC source can be loaded
> by:
>    # cdcc "new map; load map.txt"
>    # cdcc info
> The "new map" command is not needed if the /var/dcc/map file already exists.
> If the /var/dcc/map file already exists, it might be wise to use
> `cdcc "delete x.what.ever"` to prune unneeded or wrong entries.
> The map.txt file must not be readable by "group" and "other" because
> it contains passwords corresponding to the client-IDs used with the
> listed servers.
> If the map.txt file is not private,
> something like `cdcc "load -" < pub.map.txt` should work.
> If your DCC home directory was set to /some/thing/else with
> `./configure --prefix=/some/thing/else ...`, "/var/dcc/" must be
> replaced with "/some/thing/else"
> If you are not using the DCC home directory built into the installed
> DCC programs, you need to use `cdcc -h /some/thin/else "new map; load ..."
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