version 1.1.16 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Mon Oct 28 15:54:44 UTC 2002

Version 1.1.16 of the DCC source is in and

If you are still running a version of the DCC server older than 1.1.5,
it would be really swell if you could upgrade.   Older versions did not
tolerate paths on checksum records longer than 7 hops.  The global network
of servers is now so large that it is practically certain that older
versions of dccd are reject checksums from distant parts of the network.
The compression mechanisms minimize redunancy in the floods, so old 
servers are not getting all checksums and not passing them on. and start

    fix long HELO values in dccm from Leandro Santi.
    fix /var/dcc ownership installation bugs noted by John Reames.
    let count of clients seen within 24 hours be more than 1000.
    change misc/na-spam, the gateway script
        to use dccproc log files instead of generating its own.
    don't allow ':' in DCC server "brandnames".
    recover misplaced change to misc/dcc.m4 to fix need to use
    fix apparently harmless quoting error in dcc.m4
    fix `cdcc "flood stats all"` when the server's peers are not ordered
        by their IDs.
    decode Base64 with invalidly long lines.

Vernon Schryver

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