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Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Fri Oct 25 16:53:37 UTC 2002

> From: Gary Mills <mills@cc.UManitoba.CA>

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> > white-list each class-B network instead of 64K DCC server entries.)
> Okay, how would I do that?  By bypassing the DCC milter?  My sendmail
> configuration actually has two milters, one for DCC and one for the
> Trend virus scanner.  I don't want to bypass the anti-virus milter.

In the extremely unlikely case that whatever anti-virus milter you
are using not only has the same sort of kludge but also uses the same
sendmail.cf macro name, you could change the macro name used by dccm.

The basic idea is that if your sendmail.cf rules set one macro, then
dccm will report the mail to the DCC server with a count of "many."
If another macro is set, dccm in effective white-lists the message.
See -o and -s in the dccm man page or

The script `misc/hackmc -O` in the DCC source hacks on a sendmail.cf
file to cause access DB "OK" or "RELAY" entries to set the appropriate
sendmail macro.  This is similar to `misc/hackmc -R`, `misc/hackmc -A`
and `misc/hackmc -D` but using the dcc_notspam macro instead of
the dcc_isspam macro.

> ...
> I was asking about whitelist entries for mailing lists to which our
> users subscribe.  I'm putting them into the `dccm' client whitelist
> for now.  I assume that's reasonable.

If you use DCC server white list entries at all, then it is reasonable
to put other values in either the server or client (dccm) white lists.
The client white list files can be changed more quickly (e.g. by just
editing the ASCII file and without running dbclean) but they are
limited to several 10,000 entries.

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