Rice, MA Mark (6750)
Wed Oct 23 16:27:56 UTC 2002

Are you saying that you have created your own map file?

If you've just installed dcc, you load a new map by:

# cdcc 'new map'
# cdcc 'add'
# cdcc 'info'

The last command will give some output. One line of it should contain
something like ",-     anon".

I trust this will help you.  If not, there are several here that can.
Don't feel apprehensive about newbie questions... this is the place for it.

- mark

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> I hate to post such a newbie question but I am at a loss as to the
> proper syntax and file rights used to "load" my map.txt file into my map
> file. I have everything else working and have tried for three days to do
> this. You guys are great but some examples would be good.
> Thanks in advance 
> bnixon
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