dccm refusing connections

Gary Mills mills@cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Oct 14 01:00:34 UTC 2002

I'm running DCC on a Sun E450 with 4 CPUs, under Solaris 8.  I've been
noticing errors like this in the logs:

Oct 13 19:39:44 electra sm-mta[25435]: [ID 801593 mail.error] g9E0dinp025435: Milter (dcc): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by /var/run/dcc/dccm
Oct 13 19:39:44 electra sm-mta[25435]: [ID 801593 mail.info] g9E0dinp025435: Milter (dcc): to error state

`dccm' was running, and was working correctly.  The mail server was
lightly loaded at the time.  What's wrong?  Hmm, something is wrong
with `dccm'.  I can't truss it.  A DCC restart had trouble killing the
process, but it finally succeeded.  The logs look normal now.

I also notice that `dccm' is using an aweful lot of file descriptors,
and sometimes runs out of them.  It currently has a limit of 472 file
descriptors, and is using 469 of them.  Is this normal?  The bulk of
them look like this in `lsof':

dccm    9413 daemon  468u  IPv4 0x30004a04f88      0t0    UDP electra.cc.umanitoba.ca:38953 (Wait_Data_Xfr)

or like this in `pfiles':

 468: S_IFSOCK mode:0666 dev:220,0 ino:61111 uid:0 gid:0 size:0
        sockname: AF_INET  port: 38953
        peername: AF_INET  port: 6277

-Gary Mills-    -Unix Support-    -U of M Academic Computing and Networking-

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