why I like DCC but dislike dccproc -t many-rantings (and a few ideas)

Tony L. Svanstrom tony@svanstrom.com
Fri Oct 11 08:43:38 UTC 2002

 I really liked DCC when I first heard about it, finding out the bulkiness of
an e-mail is great for filtering and I love it, BUT... and there really isn't
anything new about this, but since it's, to me, a problem with DCC and I'm too
lazy to start a new branch/project I am going to complain about it some more...

 #1 Some people report an e-mail as 'many' by mistake.
 #2 Some people think their other filters are 100% accurate, so they autoreport
with 'many'.
 #3 Some report e-mails as 'many' because they think it'll benefit the average
user of DCC.
 (#4 People find DCC because they're trying to get rid of spam; so a lot of
people think that a high score means that the e-mail is spam.)

 #1, #2 and #3 are all problems that lowers the reliability of DCC, and they're
all related to dccproc; as that is, AFAIK, what the average not too root(ish)
person is using, which, IMNSHO, is the same group of people that tend to make
these mistakes more often than others.

 My questions are...

 #1 Why isn't it a good idea to force people to run their own DCC-server to
make it possible to report an e-mail more than once (compared to letting any
user do it)?

 #2 AFAIK whitelists stop the checksums from being reported to the server, why
is that if DCC is just about checking bulkiness?

 #3 To maximize the use of DCC as many e-mails possible should, of course, be
reported, but never more than once per e-mail; why not tie reporting to a hash
of the env-to, making it possible for everyone to report all e-mails passing
thru their system?

 My own comments to these questions:
 c1: Yes, I know that average joe will benefit from a few enlightened people
and/or spamtraps doing reporting what clearly is spam as 'many'; but that's
nothing a quarantine can't do better (ie without the problem with a few falsly
tagged e-mails). By a quarantine I simply mean that you report the e-mails when
they arrive, and then check the bulkiness again maybe 30 min. later before you
deliever it to your mailbox.
 c3: This would also obsolete the -Q option, which is, IMHO, another thing that
combined with my other "problems" with DCC lowers the use/stability.

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